Sarcastic Birthday Wishes | Funny Messages for Those Closest to You


Don't keep it to yourself Old Fart Card Inside Text: Hope Your Birthday Is Bitchin'!

Mean Tweets – Jimmy Kimmel Edition

Duder, El-Duderaino, your Dudeness. Have A Happy Birthday Anyway. Rolling Paper Card Inside Text: Find It On Yellow Octopus.


Just another year closer to being that crazy cat lady… Happy birthday dumbass. Happy Birthday, Old Champ. Are we missing a good definition for Birthday? Happy birthday you dirty pirate hooker. As If She Could! Well then, giving your loved ones a sarcastic birthday wish is definitely the way to go. Have A Glamorous Birthday! Some of us like to take that philosophy to drastic levels, by playing some colossally cruel practical jokes or using brutally biting humor. Alternative Medicine Card Inside Text: Have A Happy Birthday.

I was going to make you a rum cake for your birthday. Blow Out Card Inside Text: Identity Theft Card Inside Text: Sort those issues out with your therapist at a later date. Party Like It's Your Job. It is the most annoying and mean birthday card you will ever see. Go Wild, Mean birthday Crazy Cat! Wishing You A Colorful Birthday!

Worrying Works Card Inside Text: Hot Skank Card Inside Text: No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts.

35+ Sarcastic Birthday Wishes with Images

Cat View Card Inside Text: Calls for a Drink Card Inside Text: Hope Your Birthday Is Phat.

Mean Tweets – Jimmy Kimmel Edition

Fully Recovered Card Inside Text: New Toupees Card Inside Text: Been Nice Knowing You.


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