Mrs. Claus’ Photobook


Share the gallery Pinterest Facebook. You have been asking for him and here he is. He coastal santa a numbered Edition with custom tag and sticker

4034770 Foundations Coastal Santa

Chesapeake Treasure Our "Treasure of the Chesapeake" Santa takes us back to the 18th and early 19th Century when pirates roamed the waters of the Chesapeake and the mid-Atlantic. Keeper of the Light Keeper of the Light Santa sings songs and tells stories from the North Pole, answers questions about the reindeer and maybe Mrs. He is a numbered Edition with custom tag and sticker

Decorative Figurine - "Coastal Santa"

Keep your room neat! The Shell Seeker The Shell Seeker is inspired by our love and dedication to the Oceans,Bays and the Gulf that we have visited and spent untold hours walking along their beaches collecting hidden shell treasures. All prices subject to change without notice. Every single one is a little different. If you miss the exciting arrival on the sand, not to worry: The event started more than 30 years ago as punishment for a lost bet; now, the tradition is anticipated with smiles instead of frowns. He is our standard 16" Santa. Rich colored Sea Glass in his pack, bucket and scattered around his feet.

Christmas Countdown in days, 22 hours, 5 minutes, 14 seconds. A Message from Santa no age limit here! Coastal santa out some ideas to help make your visit with Santa flow smoothly. He is aglow in pink and features a pink lighthouse and lantern to light the way to a cure. Coastal santa has also spent hours collecting the shell treasures he keeps in his net,pack and at his feet. We coastal santa to honor these noble creatures that have been under siege with our reoccurinng environmental issues. The Bountiful Bay Santas. It has always provided these birds with habitat and sustainable food sources as they navigate our Eastern Flyway.

He has also spent hours collecting the shell treasures he keeps in his net,pack and at his feet. Tap for LG Image.

Coastal Santas

He has a beach chair close by that can be personalized with any name or place. Nick heads to the beach to pass out candy to kids. Claus will be traveling with Santa!

California Coast - San Diego to Santa Barbara

We love this Santa and have brought him back into our collection coastal santa he can find his way into yours. Grinch hop on boats, jet skis, and water skis and splash around in the chilly water. Tap for LG Image.


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