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Character Cotes de provence rose adds a fresh, delicate, fruity touch to wines, nuancing the power of other varietals. Rolle makes wines with bouquets of citrus, pear, almond and fennel. Each has its own geological and climatic personality. It delivers hints of hazelnut, honey, apricot and white flowers.

Mathilde Chapoutier Cotes de Provence Rose 2016

Product successfully added to your cart. The dry white wines are characterized by their full bodies , low acidity and herbal aromas that pair well with the local seafood cuisine such as bouillabaisse. Character It needs to be cultivated on low-yield hillsides to fully express itself. Grenache Distinguishing features This varietal comes from Spain originally. The rule was adopted as producers had already converted to organic viticulture , eliminating the use of chemicals that could easily dispersed from the vines by the strong Mistral wind.

Provence wine

Character It needs to be cultivated on low-yield hillsides to fully express itself. Provence is the only French wine region outside of Bordeaux that has developed a classified ranking for wine estates. To find out about popularity, please see Wine Ranks. The strong mistral wind from the north provides positive and negative influences on the viticulture. The terroir covered by this appellation is varied from the slightly cooler sub-alpine hills around Seillans in the north, to the coastal vines around the Golfe de Saint-Tropez in the east and the Baie de la Ciotat, between Bandol and Cassis in the west. The soil across Provence is varied, lacking uniformity and generalization. Clairette Distinguishing features This varietal is typically southern and has a very long history in Provence. These area tend to be planted with white wine grapes that perform better in those soil types. Provence makes over 1, kinds of wines.

The weather conditions allowed for a later harvest, resulting in a good maturity of cotes de provence rose and anthocyanins. The sub-soil represents complex geology that is particularly conducive to wine-making. It possesses a colour soft pink colour and a typical bouquet of Mediterranean garrigue, rose, and peach aromas. Character It brings tannic robustness to wines that is both powerful and gentle, and which helps with ageing: This unique terroir has encouraged interest from Burgundy wine producers such as Maison Louis Latour to experiment with planting Pinot noir. Provence makes over 1, kinds of wines. This abundance does cotes de provence rose the adverse effect of potentially over ripening grapes if vineyard owners are not cautious. These are obtained from the various Grenache, Cinsault and Tibouren vines.

Grape varieties White wines. While young, wines made with this varietal offer touches of violet and blackberry. These diverse groups introduced a large variety of grapes to the region, including grape varieties of Greek and Roman origin as well as Spanish , Italian and traditional French wine grapes.

Cotes de Provence Wine

Some coastal areas in the region have soils with more schist and quartz in their composition while inland there is more clay and sandstone. Mirabeau Cotes de Provence Rose, France. The sub-soil represents complex geology that is particularly conducive to wine-making. The soil of the Cassis AOC is primarily limestone, which is particularly suited to the cultivation of Clairette, Marsanne , Ugni blanc and Sauvignon blanc, the major varieties of the area.

Rose de Provence : le vin star de l'ete

The region is sheltered by the surrounding Sainte-Baume mountains which have a tempering effect on the Mediterranean influences that are common throughout Provence. Throughout the region's history, viticulture and winemaking have been influenced by the cultures that have been present in Provence, which include the Ancient GreeksRomansGaulsCatalans and Savoyards. While cotes de provence rose in the minority, the volume of red wine produced under this title and elsewhere in Provence is increasing and currently accounts for around 15 percent of the total.


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