Ask Nell: Why Are My Giant Bird Of Paradise Leaf Edges Turning Brown?


The compost will also enrich the soil naturally making the roots and the plant grow stronger. About 6 months ago I had to move this plant to a small bedroom. I water maybe every 2to 3 weeks when I feel top of soil is dry. Please keep these plants up and away from your pets and children.

LEAF CURLING: How to Interpret UPCURL OR DOWNCURL Drying - Diagnosis Treatment

Mine has put on a new leaf and seems to be quite happy. The plant is indoors but on top of my staircase and it get lots of light from windows that are right over and aside from the plant. P plants i see in carden shops their leaves ar bright green,mine look a bit sorry for them-selfs. Does anyone know why?

Sorry about the delay in responding. The leaves have started to turn inside out. It may be root bound, the pot seems a little small. I live in NJ so the plant is moved inside and outside for the seasons. So far so good, but now the weather is getting colder i have taken it indoors,any tips about position,do they like central heating? Hello, Wipe the plant down with rubbing alcohol. This is the first flower. That plant is now over eight feet tall and it regularly produces new, huge leaves maybe twice a year. Unfortunately, I do not know why the leaves are rolling up.

We moved to our current address 5 years ago and the plant has grown bigger and better since being here it is just the last 12 months and the new leaves that these problems have arisen. I have bop I bought earlier this past summer. Hope you check my blog out. It has never bloomed. Was glad to find this blog, thanks for all the tips. Also, what leaves are considered suckers? Hi Mayra A bit of curling is normal for these plants. I used compost and bird of paradise plant leaves curling soil and top soil in the container all mixed.

Quote Post 5. I have not moved it for a long time its just somthing that has creeped up.

I purchased a BOP yesterday, and it fell and some leaves was broken. We both have a bird of paradise plant. Thanks for sharing the advice.

Quick Tips 004 Birds Of Paradise

Hi Drayas, Thanks for getting back to me. I didn't think the wind was that strong. I have never had a flower on my plant and was wondering what I could do to help it to flower. I have been watering mine once a week thoroughly and it looks great.


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