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Daily's style, before King Features "cleaned it up" for animation. Her hand is promised to Captain Sweet pea popeye moviea powerful, perpetually angry bully who runs the town in the name of the mysterious Commodore. For that reason, the studio album did not quite match the tracks heard in the film.

Popeye: "Little Swee'Pea" (1936)

In the morning, Popeye visits the local diner for breakfast and demonstrates his strength as he brawls with a gang of provocative ruffians who give him and the other customers a hard time. Pop , show tune. Mona Walfleur - a Steinette. Violet, a Housewife Eve Knoller

Jules Feiffer screenplay , E. What's with all the bashing? Bluto kidnaps Olive as well and sets sail to find Pappy's treasure. Oscar, the Barber Roberto Dell'Acqua Films directed by Robert Altman. The soundtrack was composed by Harry Nilsson , who took a break from producing his album Flash Harry to write the score for the film. This page was last edited on 31 December , at Bluto swims away as Popeye celebrates his victory and his new-found appreciation of spinach. The Oyls' son, Castor , decides to compete against the local heavyweight boxer, Oxblood Oxheart, in the hopes of winning a hefty prize for his family. Castor is overpowered and knocked out of the ring by Oxheart.

But then again, I liked Hudson Hawk and the Forbidden Zone, so you probably don't want to listen to me. After Swee'Pea's birth father was killed, Swee'Pea was made the Crown Prince of Demonia, but as he was of royal birth, he needed protection from his evil uncle who wanted sweet pea popeye movie eliminate him and sweet pea popeye movie control of the country. And the music is bonus all the way through. Cherry, His Moll Peter Bray Mayor Stonefeller, the Official Pamela Burrell Mona Walfleur - a Steinette. Van Dyke Parks is credited as music arranger. Von Schnitzel, the Conductor Doug Dillard Wikiquote has quotations related to:

Retrieved from " https: Like in the cartoons and some comics, Swee'Pea is a magnet for trouble who finds himself in dangerous situations that Popeye has to get him out of.

Yes No Report this. No feel of a commercialized film crafted to be anything other than a comedy musical adaptation of one of my favorite comic strips. During the duel, Pappy recovers his treasure and opens the chest to reveal a collection of personal sentimental items from Popeye's infancy, including a few cans of spinach.

Popeye: "Little Swee'Pea" (1936)

Edit Did You Know? Tune in a couple hours' worth of Max Fleischer cartoons instead; you'll be much better off. Mort, a Tough Roberto Messina Directors - Robert Altman.


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