How Do I Care for Poinsettias so They Rebloom Next Christmas?


I purchased 10 poinsettias for Christmas and want to keep care for poinsettias going so I can make them rebloom next Christmas. Property Brothers 4pm 3c. If you place a box over them, it must not permit light to enter.


House Hunters Renovation 2am 1c. Image by Mick Telkamp. Love It or List It 3am 2c. What Can I Do? Say Yes to the Nest 1am 12c.

To sign up, please enable JavaScript. Property Brothers 4pm 3c. What Can I Do? Fixer Upper 7am 6c. To grow them after the holidays, all you need to do is treat them similar to other houseplants: Fixer Upper 1pm 12c. Property Brothers 7pm 6c. Fixer Upper 10am 9c. At the end of summer, bring the pots indoors before nighttime temperatures fall below 50 degrees F. Use a commercial potting soil.

If you successfully carry out the darkness routine, by early November your plants will be developing care for poinsettias, and you can end the daily darkness ritual and set the plants in bright, indirect light. The bracts those are the leaves that look like flower petals will eventually fade and fall off the plant. Choosing the right poinsettia for a long-term commitment and carefully maintaining it after Christmas is over can help: Say Yes to the Nest 10pm 9c. At this point, cut back care for poinsettias stems to flower makeup below the flowers and let them continue to grow. Love It or List It 9pm 8c. Property Brothers 5pm 4c. House Hunters Renovation 11pm 10c. But these festive plants, which range from the traditional red to pale yellow, can be mysterious when it comes to care and maintenance.

Pinterest Plant Grow Lights: Love It or List It 12am 11c. Fixer Upper 8am 7c.

Getting the plants to rebloom is the hard part. Property Brothers 4pm 3c. Absolutely no light can penetrate the darkness. Fixer Upper 12pm 11c.

Poinsettia Care Guide ???? // Garden Answer

I purchased 10 poinsettias for Christmas and care for poinsettias to keep them going so I can make them rebloom next Christmas. Fixer Upper 9am 8c. Is it too warm or dry in the room? By the end of November, the bracts should be coloring up nicely, and you'll be able to enjoy them through the next holiday season.


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