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Scientific synonyms of this species are Bidens aristosa retrorsa and Bidens involucrata. The soil should be rich in organic material. Strawflower Tickseed sunflower Helichrysum bracteatum.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Male) - Papilio glaucus

The caterpillars of the butterfly Nathalis iole Dainty Sulfur are known to favor the foliage of Bidens spp. Tickseed sunflower Bidens aristosa. Habitats include moist prairies, prairie swales, low areas along ponds and streams, gravelly seeps, ditches along railroads and roadsides, muddy fields, and miscellaneous waste areas.

Bidens aristosa - Tickseed Sunflower

Each daisy-like flowerhead is about 2" across, consisting of ray florets that surround numerous disk florets. The photographs were taken at a prairie swale in Meadowbrook Park, Urbana, Illinois. Search our database of Plants. Fine Gardening - Issue The flowers are slightly fragrant, which becomes quite noticeable in a large colony of plants. Because of its distinct outer bracts and awnless achenes, Long-Bracted Tickseed Sunflower is usually classified as a distinct species Mohlenbrock, Comments Log in or create an account to post a comment. The caterpillars of several moths feed on the foliage, flowerheads, or the pith of stems, including Epiblema otiosana Bidens Borer Moth , Condica mobilis Mobile Groundling , Condica confederata The Confederate , Cirrhophanus triangulifer Goldenrod Stowaway , and Palthis asopialis Faint-Spotted Palthis. Other insect feeders include leaf beetles Calligrapha spp. It usually occurs in or around poorly drained areas that are prone to standing water, or near sources of more or less permanent water.

Tickseed Sunflower Bidens aristosa Item: Fine Gardening - Issue Preview: Fine Gardening - Issue You cannot elect to have multiple quantities wrapped together when ordering through our website. The flowers are attractive to butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. Typical bee visitors include bumblebees, cuckoo bees Epeolus spp. This feature has been temporarily tickseed sunflower during the beta site preview. It has tickseed sunflower very similar appearance to Bidens aristosa Tickseed Sunflower. Each item will be wrapped and charged individually.

Sign Up Log In Follow. Long-Bracted Tickseed Sunflower can be distinguished from other Bidens spp.

You must be a magazine subscriber to access this feature. Gift Wrap Information We will wrap your gift in white gift paper, trimmed with red Jefferson signature ribbon and a bow, and include a hand written gift message. Arikara Sunflower Seeds Helianthus annuus variety. Small rodents can carry the achenes to their dens for some distance from the mother plants.

Matured Tick-seed Sunflower Seeds

Summer Interest Flower Color: These achenes lack significant awns tickseed sunflower their apices. You must be a magazine subscriber to access this feature.


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