Would it be selfish to accept? Yes, 8 am for for first-timers. Well, this upset the Chinese government and immediately after that the Vietnamese government under the influence of the Magnolia grove monastery government cracked down on the Buddhist monasteries in Vietnam, so many of these monks and nuns fled temporarily to the US. Afterwards that we had cake.

Taking refuge in Mississippi - The Manifestation of Magnolia Grove Monastery

Of course, I was consulting the map a good bit too. The day TNH was due to give a public talk near me, I dropped everything and turned up. I wore my moccasins which was good because I could feel the ground under my feet better which was nice. We all gathered next to this pine tree and began a kind of walking meditation, which I've never really done before. The chanting was in Vietnamese, but there are chant books in English translation which I followed silently, so the chanting had 'subtitles' for me!

Magnolia Grove Monastery

The Sunday schedule goes something like this: The Eagle has landed. The day started mostly overcast, though not too cold. I'll write more about it either today or tomorrow. Later in the day it brightened up and warmed up. I love the fact that I am able to "see" much of Thay's teachings and methods in your description: I wore my moccasins which was good because I could feel the ground under my feet better which was nice. Many of us think we are unworthy, too uncouth, too worldly, too heterosexual, too Catholic, too crazy, too unwell, too [insert your reason] to go to a Buddhist Monastery or centre.

I live approximately an hour away, in West Memphis, AR. In the brief moment magnolia grove monastery my fellow awaits would no longer have doubt, a mindful cructacean had a ticket near the front. Vastmind Memphis, TN Veteran. And then everyone resumes what they were doing. Oh, I did have brief conversations, but I felt no pressure to 'be gregarious. One obvious reason would be that at least half or more of the people there couldn't speak English. The other reason though I think is that introversion isn't regarded as something negative-- after all, it is really the bread and butter of this sort of thing! New registrations must be manually approved which may take up to 48 hours. A little prostration I kept magnolia grove monastery to imitate a monk next to me and asked for some quick instruction afterward.

We all walked together--not in a line or anything-- just walked around the grounds quietly, not in a hurry, focusing on just one step at a time and on our breathing the breathing and the walking were not synchonised in any way. In Western culture, quietness seems to be looked upon as a weakness. I look forward to reports of a magical day.

Magnolia Grove Monastery

We ate in the meditation hall again in silence but again, not in the rigid formal Japanese way which is called oriyoki and is very ritualised. After the monks and nuns finished their chanting, lunch was prepared--which was all vegetarian not all Buddhists are vegetarian, however, I've been vegetarian myself for about a month now. And it was so windy today!

Question & Answer with Thich Nhat Hanh - Magnolia Grove Monastery - 2011 10 01

Some people were talking quietly amongst themselves, doing stretching exercises, some people sat down, and so did Magnolia grove monastery. Thanks for the review! Because this was in Vietnamese, I didn't participate this time!


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