Walkthrough:Kingdom Hearts/Wonderland


After the cutscene head towards the exit and you'll find yourself in the Bizarre Room with a tiny Doorknob at the other end. The party defeats them and rushes to save Alice, but discovers her cage is empty. Kingdom Hearts HD 1. This time around Alice kingdom hearts lotus forest accused of stealing the Queen's memory.

(Kingdom Hearts 1) Wonderland: Finding the evidence

Then glide into the balcony and open the chest there to get another Aeroga-G. Question Status How do I get past Wonderland? In the closed off area that can be reached through the painting on the wall of the Bizarre Room. Wonderland is one of the first worlds Sora, Donald and Goofy travel to together after joining forces. Enter from the hidden hedge entrance in Queen's Court, use Thunder on the flowers.


See Gallery Spear-carrying guards who serve the Queen of Hearts. Keep me logged in on this device. This article is lacking: Answered How do u find evidence in Wonderland? Just keep swinging the Keyblade at it and it'll be down in no time. Interact with the Seed on the tree and take it, but don't eat it yet. This is done my going into the fireplace when you are in the sideways Bizzarre Room that is divided by the fireplace. What do you have to give? Question Status How do I get past Wonderland?

Alice is locked up and Sora is asked to present four pieces of evidence to prove that she is innocent. Don't overlook the Card Soldiers, but it shouldn't be hard to just let Donald and Goofy deal with those while Sora attacks kingdom hearts lotus forest real target. He entered with a big smile in "Alice in Wonderland" Perhaps her curiosity was to blame, but then how can one not admire Alice's unyielding spirit when faced with such overwhelming oddness? You'll land on top of a faucet, carefully jump across to the cabinet to your left and get the last piece of evidence, the Claw Marks. Light the two lamps here and take the exit on the right side for the Queen's Castle grab the Dalmatians on the way. Alice 's cage will be lifted so that you cannot rescue her. While doing this, kingdom hearts lotus forest must keep jumping. They fear her temper and will do anything she orders. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.

Now, grab the seed on the tree and eat it. He entered with a big smile in "Alice in Wonderland"

Roxas asks him whether or not he is connected with the Heartless, but of course the Cheshire Cat would not give him a straight answer. Sora has to gather evidence to prove her innocence -- most of that is in the Lotus Forest, through the exit on the left side of the Queen's court. Keep me logged in on this device. Alice was falsely accused of stealing the Queen of Hearts' memory and put on trial, but we intervened and helped her clear her name.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough Part 4 - Alice in Wonderland Pt. 1 [PS2 Classics]

Walk kingdom hearts lotus forest to the bizarre room. In the garden, sit in the first chair on the right and the last two on the left. This should return you back to normal size. Roxas drinks the contents of the bottle, causing him to shrink.


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