75 Graduation Party Ideas Your Grad Will Love


Then, fill the jars with chips. To make a lovely graduation decoration, frame a few of your favorite small photos of your graduate, and hang boys graduation party up on a black cardboard wreath. Finish with a chive ribbon. Fill champagne flutes with Smarties candy to celebrate your smart graduate.

Grad Party - Pretty Boy (Official Music Video)

My Life at Play Time. If you have little guests, hand out sweet Fruit-Roll up diploma favors that are tied up with black ribbon. For inspiration, take a look at these sweet blue and white Oreos.

High School Graduation Party Ideas

Add festivity to your napkins by rolling them up and tying them with ribbon to make them look like diplomas. If you're celebrating two graduates who are going to different colleges, try creating two food tables decorated with each school's colors. Brighten your guests' days with chocolate bars in adorable blue and yellow wrappers that feature sun illustrations. What Should I Make For. Thank your guests for celebrating your smarty pants with this bright favors tag. Jen T by Design. Life is more fun when it's creative! Provide single-serving ice cream sundaes. I also have these Graduation Quotes that you may be able to use. Toga parties are classically associated with wild college blowouts, but can easily be adapted to fit family-friendly get togethers.

Create delicious diploma roll appetizers by filling wraps with a mixture of salmon, cream cheese and spices. If you boys graduation party to purchase anything as a result of clicking, TCL will receive a small percentage. Two Prince Bakery Theater. Comments Super cute ideas for a grad! You can easily make them by boys graduation party black cardstock and a painted bottle cap. To make it graduation themed, attach a cute graduation cap sticker. Create a sweet keepsake for your graduate by inviting guests to write memories they've built with them on Jenga blocks. Create a school-themed watermelon boat, which can double as a centerpiece.

Make floating photo frames. Celebrate your graduate's new school by using the school's colors in your graduation party desserts.

Less than Perfect Life of Bliss. You can also combine your pendants with bright flowers and photographs of the graduate. You can also have guests sign the frame to create a wonderful keepsake. For a graduation decoration idea, try displaying a memory board with some of your graduate's favorite memories from school.

DIY Decorated grad cup - Graduation souvenir / Copa decorada para Graduacion

I thought twice about boys graduation party sharing these and thought I should just create new photos, and I might, but until then, I figured you could still get the idea and you may need it sooner than later. This cost you nothing extra. Gleaming Flakes Christmas Card. Click the photo for a larger view.


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