Deer Resistant Plants


This page was first published in and is regularly updated. Double Check Are you sure are snapdragons deer resistant want to delete your notes for this recipe? It's beautiful cascading down rock walls from a higher planter. Arborvide is another of their favorites. Sign up Log in.

Deer Resistant Annuals - Summer Gardening Tips - Roxborough, CO

Common boxwood is rarely eaten by deer. Leave this field blank. Say Yes to the Nest 10pm 9c. Fine Gardening - Issue Fixer Upper 8am 7c.

Need Deer Resistant Plants?

Perennials and annuals 1. Love It or List It 9pm 8c. Property Brothers 6pm 5c. Property Brothers 4pm 3c. Burning bush and spirea nipponica snowmound are not deer proof in my area Utah. Fragrant easy to grow red gems for your garden all season long. Easiest Perennials to Grow. Major is very invasive. The deer had eaten it down to the ground and left nothing but a few sticks. Give deer the brush off by planting deer resistant annuals.

Easiest Perennials to Grow. Sign up Log in. It's a pretty well known fact! I'm thinking lavender and sage. To learn more about the plants shown below, click on the images to see their Plant Guide Profiles. Log in or create an account to post a comment. I read deers are snapdragons deer resistant not like prickly plants They leave the barberry burning bush alone.

I've had good luck with star jasmine, rosemary, coreopsis, chives, lavender, euonymus, lupine, and oregano. Peonies are deer resistant plants! This time-telling bloomer adds a shrubby form to the garden and opens colorful flowers daily around 4 p.

Deer-Resistant Plants

Spruce were never eaten until the winter of - The one's I've had good luck with are Snapdragons,and Lamb's Ear. Just remember that when natural food is scarce, like during a drought or early in the growing season, deer may find your garden more tempting than usual.

Deer Resistant Annuals - Summer Gardening Tips - Roxborough, CO

Double Check Do you really want to delete the list,? Also on the "watch" list is Are snapdragons deer resistant Maple. I have a 4 ft high fenced yard can't be any higher due to local zoning2 dogs who are out in the yard daily so plenty of their scent around, and after recently clearing weeds, just overnight the deer have decimated my susies, every single plant, no matter where in the yard they were.


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