37 Garden Border Ideas To Dress Up Your Landscape Edging


This edging works best along lawns, offering a wonderfully blended transition into the paving stones or cement of your pathway. Though it is not very big, the intricate designs are ideal for drawing the eye to the stone flower bed edging, which are the real talkers of your garden. Give your edging an artistic flair with pebbles and decorative glass. For a natural look, using old logs can be the perfect lawn edging option for your flower bed. Soon as I finished courses, I gained more experience through internships and stone flower bed edging especially, garden shows!

Burke's Backyard, Fake Stone Garden Edging

If you prefer, you can use whole bricks and have them cut in half by a professional saw blade to avoid crumbling. Why not go the extra mile and line the top of your border with wood to create some fabulous seating? These copper-plated pieces also give a cleaned up look to your yard.

66 Creative Garden Edging Ideas

Metal border fencing is a quick and easy option that comes in a range of sizes, colours and vintage decorative styles. The materials used for edging come in a wide range of choices and combinations: Willow is a superb garden material. Create stunning pathways and edging with log discs. Simple to lay down, these are perfect for drawing the eye to your landscaping without overpowering the plants that you have planted either in your garden or in front of your house. Give it a natural, gentle flow by using cor-ten steel to make a descending pathway. Fill in the gaps with dirt, and pack it down with a dry bristle brush. Plant them up, stack them, lay them on their side with trailing plants or coloured stone spilling from them.

These angled bricks are ideal for showcasing these types of flowers. The materials used for edging come in a wide stone flower bed edging of choices and combinations: Originally posted by aliimg. Luckily for you, these lawn-edging ideas can be done in a weekend no landscape architect required! Stone flower bed edging has a bit of a slope where the plants lay on top. Big stones can be the perfect edging for your flower garden. It is an old style look that has a new style when it comes to the brick. It can also goes well with almost all surroundings. An interesting take on traditional stone walls, this idea uses wire basket-type material to hold stones of all shapes, sizes, and green plants.

It has a bit of a slope where the plants lay on top. Mix different colours and shapes to give a geometric contrast to the free form of your flowering beds. You will need to keep your trench line at least 6 inches from the plants in your beds.

25+ Unique Lawn-Edging Ideas to Totally Transform Your Yard

Save your back with no-fuss tasteful plastic cobblestone borders! Rope is a favourite amongst gardeners who are nautical enthusiasts. Garden Edging Ideas If you want your garden to have a dramatic effect then you can use a gabion wall for edging. Concrete kerbing is the ideal option, giving a structured feel while withstanding the elements.

Brilliant Garden Edging & borders Ideas

Pre-made, usually manufactured plastic edging makes for quick installation. Use along staircases or around the stone flower bed edging of upper level decking as a simple understated protective barrier. Although not suitable for pathways, this kind of edging is brilliant for cutting through large expanses of grass. Using slate in your edging gives an interesting multitextured effect.


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