The South’s Most Iconic Flowers


More than 3, names kinds of camellias exists in a wide range of colors, forms, and sizes. Geraniaceae - Geranium family. Oleaceae - Olive family.

South Carolina State Symbols

Polemoniaceae - Phlox family. Phytolaccaceae - Pokeweed family. Polygalaceae - Milkwort family. Apiaceae - Carrot family. Dandelion Taraxacum officinale Introduced Family:

Wildflowers of the United States

Cucurbitaceae - Cucumber family. Hydrophyllaceae - Waterleaf family. Mulch to conserve moisture and keep down weeds. Aceraceae - Maple family. No plant rivals the azalea in Southern popularity, and no plant is more misused and abused. Bursting Heart, Hearts-a-bustin', Strawberry Bush. Ranunculaceae - Buttercup family. They require minimal care, are resilient, and relatively bug free. Be sure to choose the right size for your needs.

Melanthiaceae - False-Hellebore Family. Antique roses have been the glory of Southern gardens for decades. The dogwood has been called the most beautiful native tree of North America. Balsaminaceae - Touch-me-not family. Dandelion Taraxacum officinale Introduced Family: Family Index south carolina flowers All States. Hypoxidaceae - African Potato family. Share the gallery Pinterest Facebook. Moth South carolina flowers Verbascum blattaria Introduced Family:

Bignoniaceae - Bignonia family. Geraniaceae - Geranium family.

South Carolina State Flower – Yellow Jessamine, Carolina Jasmine

Their iconic blooms look like colorful snowballs and can be manipulated to change color. Looking for Wildflowers for a specific state? Ericaceae - Heath family. The many species offer an astonishing range of flower colors, and most bloom over a long season.

The South Carolina Festival of Flowers Topiary Story

Scrophulariaceae - Figwort family. Flowers usually face the sun so be sure to keep this in mind when choosing a planting spot. More than 3, names kinds of camellias exists in a wide range of colors, forms, and south carolina flowers. Orobanchaceae - Broom-rape family.


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