Blue Flowers: Types & Pictures


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Aurora Giant Paper Flower

The role of the corolla in plant evolution has been studied extensively since Charles Darwin postulated a theory of the origin of elongated corollae and corolla tubes. You only need to plant a few bulbs from this plant to have an entire sea of blue blossoms. Additionally, it is also used for treating sore throats and tonsillitis. This is where the positioning of the flower petals are located on the flower is the corolla e.

In irregular flowers, other floral parts may be modified from the regular form, but the petals show the greatest deviation from radial symmetry. The pohutukawa contains small petals also having bright large red clusters of stamens. When the petals and sepals of a flower are difficult to distinguish, they are collectively called tepals. The Iris features lovely , colorful petals which will sometimes bloom both in the beginning of spring and then again in late summer. Their margins lack hairs, are somewhat scabrous , or rough, and are unfused, meaning they are distinct to the base. These bulbs bloom in spring, producing clusters of tiny blue or purple flowers that resemble grapes. Oxford University Press, p. In many plants of the aster family such as the sunflower, Helianthus annuus , the circumference of the flower head is composed of ray florets. Petals are modified leaves that surround the reproductive parts of flowers.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. It is common in disturbed sites and in moist soil. In some plants such as Narcissus the lower part of the petals or tepals are fused blue flower petal form a floral cup hypanthium above the ovary, and from which the petals proper extend. View Cart Proceed to checkout. Linnaeus picked the name in honour of the Blue flower petal botanists Jan and Caspar Commelijnusing the two large 4400*12 petals of Commelina communis to symbolise them. MacKeever in is known to occur randomly throughout much of the species' blue flower petal. This easy to grow flower is perfect for attracting butterflies. Thus both the fertile anthers and the infertile blue flower petal were shown to play an important role in both increasing visitor landings and orienting floral visitors toward a landing point appropriate for pollination. Commelinin is the blue pigment from the flowers of C. The dactylanthus has only its flowers pointing to the surface and the flowers lack colour but have the advantage of containing lots of nectar and a very strong scent.

Petals can differ dramatically in different species. Examples of plants in which the term tepal is appropriate include genera such as Aloe and Tulipa. A Catalogue of the Mary A.

Many flowers contain a variety of shapes acting to aid with the landing of the visiting insect and also influence the insect to brush against anthers and stigmas parts of the flower. The Asiatic dayflower has been used in pollination studies concerning the behaviour of plants in relation to their pollinators. It gets its name because the blooms last for only one day.

Aurora Giant Paper Flower

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Wind-pollinated flowers often have small, dull petals and produce little or no scent. Such blue flower petal often function as guides to pollinators, and are variously known as nectar guidespollen guides, and floral guides. In China it is used as a medicinal herb with febrifugalantipyreticanti-inflammatoryand diuretic effects.


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